Mansfield Rendering Project June 2016

Replacing Old Render in Ten Working Days

The property had been rendered just 2 years earlier but unfortunately to a poor standard although the actual finish wasn’t bad but the correct prep work had not been carried out.

We erected scaffold to all the elevations that needed it and supplied a builders skip. The old render was removed by use of a mechanical breaker The render was then taken in to the skip by use of wheel barrow and shovel .. hard work!

Old Render Failing Reasons

Once the brick work was exposed we identified the reason why the previous render had failed as the house was built out of sand/lime bricks which are very dry and absorbant. To counteract this we meshed the whole house with galvanised meshed sheeting (expermet) this was secured to the brick work with hammer and nails.

Once this was done new beading was attached round all the windows and doors and horizontal just above the DPC.

A strong base coat is applied (3 and 1 mix) and then the days after each elevation receives its top coat (4 and 1) this is then finished with a plastic float and sponge left ready for décor.

Before, During and After Photos of the complete project