Weberend OCR External Rendering Arnold, Nottingham

3 Storey Townhouse External Rendering 2019

Our client discovered our website in Google Search and when we visited on-site we understood this would be an intensive project and it took threee days from start and preparation to the completion of all works.

Weberend OCR External Rendering

weberend OCR is a premixed sand and cement render which incorporates a polymer bonding aid. Suitable for rendering brickwork, blockwork, and concrete, among other suitably prepared substrates. Applied in one coat, avoiding the drying time associated with multi-coat render systems giving results equivalent to traditional two coat renders. Read more – source.

Benefits of using Weberend OCR Render

  • Resists the penetration of external water and has excellent weather resistance and durability, whilst allowing the structure to breathe
  • Polymer render basecoat for bond strength
  • Factory batched for consistency
  • Scratch coat render
  • Gives the same final appearance as a traditional sand and cement render mix but in significantly less time
  • Non-combustible (Class 0 fire rating when applied to non-combustible substrates)

Weber OCR Rendering External Manfield Arnold Daybrook NottinghamScaffolding for Safety

This was a very high 3 storey town house, scaffold was erected for safe access.

The existing was quite loose in places so we needed to remove all the render from top to bottom and get back to the original brickwork.

Window and Doors Beading Finish

We then fitted new beading round all the windows and doors and vertical between the adjourning properties on either side. We then applied weber rend-aid to all the exposed brick work

Final stage was to apply weber OCR render system to be finished with a float sponge and left ready for décor if required.

Cleaned down and removed all our waste from site.

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