Traditional Plastering over Damp Proofing

Traditional Plastering for Damp Proofing

This is a two day process: Traditional plastering involves applying a wet backing coat plaster first on to the brick or block work, then levelling it off. Once complete, this is left overnight to dry and then it gets skimmed the next day.

Damp Proof Course DPC and Plaster Methods

This method is used for new builds or renovation work. Some people request as it gives them a more solid wall just to hang things on or screw to. We have to do it when we are damp proofing 9 times out of 10.

Approximate Drying times Guide

The following drying times are approximate and for guidance only. In general, allow about 1 month per 25 mm of wall thickness:-

Wall Thickness Drying-Out Time
less than 100 mm 3 to 6 months
100 mm to 300 mm 6 to 12 months
over 300 mm 1 month per 25 mm